TMW OFF-ROAD Sidewinder 2 Seat Door Bags (Pair)

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TMW offers the absolute best full door solution for your Polaris RZR. These doors are known not only for there looks, but the function is top notch. They utilize the factory latch system and are secure but still easy to open/close. Weather your looking for added protection, wider comfort, or a custom look, TMW is the way to go!

Light weight steel frame.
Added protection from mud and Debris.
Better ability to add graphics to your ride
Bead rolled hand formed side panel.
Utilizes the Factory Polaris Door latch
Easy to install
2.5" wider per side then the factory XP 1000 Polaris doors, giving you the much needed room in the cabin area.
Designed specifically for your Polaris RZR XP 1000
***Price includes 1 set of 2 doors***

All doors come powder coated semi gloss black


-Removed all rattling, and excessive noise that you get with other doors.

 -Center Hinge Technology has to enhance the strength and versatility of the new doors.

 -Doors are made in house and 100% TIG welding in fixtures to assure a perfect fit every time.

 -Doors can be removed to service the vehicle with out any tools.