Can-Am X3 Clutch Cover Quick Disconnect

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No more wasting time trying to find tools to disconnect your Can-Am X3's clutch cover. This kit includes a simple user friendly system that will make your belt blow out a breeze.  Once installed, your clutch cover can simply be removed by pulling a clip out of each pin. This kit uses mounted lanyards that'll stay connected to the clutch cover body, therefore your clips will never be lost if dropped. High quality pins and clips will keep your clutch cover safely secured to the vehicle.

-Stainless steel cnc pins.
-Stainless steel lanyards.
-Change a belt much faster.
-Easy installation.
-Lanyards hold clips so no lost hardware in the dirt during belt change.

Kit Includes:
-11 pins
-11 lanyards
-11 Black rivets
-11 Washers
-11 clips