Dune Therapy Goggles

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Each set come with three different lenses. Chrome(sunglass), Amber, and Clear. They are held in by magnets that have an inner seal to keep dust, sand and other debris out. The lens colors allow you adapt to any lighting scenario, and the magnetic design makes them very easy to change on the fly. They have two anti-slip straps. One strap is smaller for use without a helmet, while the other is designed to work with a helmet, giving you the option depending on your need. The straps, 3 pocket storage bag and lenses all have Dune Therapy logos on them. Each lens is anti scratch, anti fog, uv 400 coated, and CE certified. The straps are removable and adjustable. The 3 pocket storage bag allows you to hold all the lenses and frame in one container. Also included in the purchase, is a cleaning cloth.
  • Magnetic Lens Design
  • 3 Different Lenses Included
  • Triple Foam
  • UV 400
  • Anti-Scratch
  • Anti-Slip Adjustable Strap
  • CE Certified
  • Change Lenses in seconds with no issues
  • Fits over most glasses comfortably
  • Storage Bag, Cleaning Cloth, and 3 Lenses Included in Purchase